Clearvision offers repair services for most makes and models of drain inspection equipment. We tackle problems that most companies would turn away from and deliver the best service to make your business run more efficiently.

Here at Clearvision we have over 20 years of experience  in all levels of electronic repair, upgrading and retrofitting camera systems, giving us the ability to offer speedy service at rates that are lower than the competition. Here is some of the brands we currently repair:

- Ridgid seesnake                                            - Mytana
- General Gen-Eye                                           - Ratech
- Vivax                                                              - Spartan
- UEMSI                                                           - Electric Eel
- Vision Technology                                         - Insight Vision
- Gatorcam                                                       - Scooter
- Easycam                                                        - Wohler
- South Coast Eqpt.                                         - ForBest                                                            

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